Data centre standby generators installed in the UK and Europe are equipped with engine heaters maintaining waterjacket coolant temperatures while the genset is idle. These heaters, which run 24/7 consuming up to 60MWh of energy annually, are an untapped source for energy savings.

Hotstart's CVC Energy Efficient Engine Heater added to standby generators 1MW and larger reduces heater energy draw by up to 75% through proven air-source heat pump technology. With a ROI payback of 2 to 3 years, data centres can see quick returns and compounded savings year-over-year in both energy draw and utility costs on all onsite generators equipped with a CVC. 

High Efficiency Heating

Hotstart's active heat recovery system pulls existing heat from the surrounding air and sends it through a vapour compression cycle, delivering heat to the coolant to maintain engine temperatures while idle. 

Redundancy For Reliability

The variable speed compressor allows the CVC to provide the proper amount of heat needed based on ambient temperature − no overheating or underheating of the generator. The precision heat output results in lower annual energy costs and reduced carbon footprint, contributing to end-user's net-zero goals. 

Proven Service & Support

The two systems work cooperatively, operating in tandem through fully integrated and programmed controls, providing heating at any temperature. Network connectivity allows operators to remotely monitor heater status, maintaining uptime and engine reliability.

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Energy Efficient Genset Heating

For data centre sustainability in the UK and Europe

Contact Hotstart today to discuss how an Energy Efficient Genset Heater can help decarbonize your standby generator.

High efficiency genset heaters contribute to decarbonization efforts, reducing greenhouse emissions and
 kilowatt hours. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Save on energy costs while maintaining optimal operating temperatures necessary for quick starts during power emergencies. 


Every high efficiency genset heater is 
backed by over 80 
years of engine heating expertise, service, 
and support.  

Quality Service and Support

Custom-engineered controls provide seamless redundancy & operation with existing engine heaters.  

Engineering Expertise

Why install a high efficiency genset heater in your facility?

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Precise Heating Control

The CVC's air-source heat pump technology serves as the primary heater when retrofitted to the existing generator. The existing engine heaters stay installed - providing secondary heat as needed.  

Proven Savings by the Numbers