Harnessing heat pump technology to reduce carbon footprint

Standby generators need to start reliably within 10 seconds of a power emergency. Hotstart's HE High Efficiency Heating Systems are the most energy-efficient engine heating solution for gensets. Proven air-source heat pump technology maintains waterjacket temperatures while saving end-users 20,000-40,000 kWhs per generator annually

Immediate Energy Savings

An air-source heat pump uses less energy than it generates to heat engine coolant. Reduced energy directly translates to lowered costs while maintaining engine startability.  

Redundancy For Reliability

Pairing an HE heater with an existing engine heater means reliable redundancy. Seamless controls between the systems ensures the engine heater takes over when the HE heater can't maintain temperature. 

Proven Service & Support

Every Hotstart heating system is backed by our dedicated customer service and support team, ready to help you maintain readiness and peace of mind.

Product Info, 
Case Studies and M&V Reports

Download information and case studies detailing the energy savings potential with Hotstart HE Heating System

Read this study done by Southern Cal Edison detailing the efficiency of heat pump technology standby generator applications.  

M&V - Entergy AR

Measurement and verification plans like this from Entergy provide real-world data on heat pump performance installed at end-user sites.


Public facilities like universities and hospitals can reduce their energy and expenses with high efficiency heating solutions installed. 

Case Study - City of Natick

Read how the City of Natick in Massachusetts reduced its operational expenses by installing heat pumps in its water treatment facility.

Case Study - Entergy

Incentives programs, like this one from Entergy, can help end users offset the initial costs of upgrading generators with efficient heat pumps.

Case Study - CBRE

Learn how upgrading four diesel generators with heat pumps resulted in annual savings of nearly $20,000 for a CBRE client.

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High Efficiency Genset Heating

Introducing Hotstart’s most efficient engine heating solution for standby generators.

High efficiency genset heaters contribute to decarbonization efforts, reducing greenhouse emissions and
 kilowatt hours. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Save on energy costs while maintaining optimal operating temperatures necessary for quick starts during power emergencies. 


Every high efficiency genset heater is 
backed by over 80 
years of engine heating expertise, service, 
and support.  

Quality Service and Support

Custom-engineered controls provide seamless redundancy & operation with existing engine heaters.  

Engineering Expertise

Why install a high efficiency genset heater in your facility?

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This case study looks at the method for calculating the energy savings from two heat pump generator heater (HPGH) retrofits in Little Rock, AR.